We are committed to fulfill environmental, social and humanitarian responsibilities and protect natural resources by adopting the principles of sustainable development in all services and activities we carry out through our corporate and social collaborations.

In line with this policy, our main goals and objectives in all our fields of activity are as follows

  • Our obligation is to follow and comply with all environmental legislation adopted by us,
  • To reduce, recycle and dispose of the waste generated by our activities,
  • Respectful, protective and conscious behavior towards air, soil, water and all kinds of ecosystem elements, including but not limited to these,
  • Contributing to the reduction of fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions that directly cause global warming and climate change by ensuring that our customers reach their desired destinations safely, uninterruptedly and on time,
  • To research and apply the usage areas of renewable energy resources by following scientific and technological developments,
  • To contribute to the continuation of the existence of all living forms by protecting the ecological environment, to cooperate with other institutions and organizations and to develop projects as part of environmental responsibility awareness,
  • In landscape applications; to create a livable external environment by selecting plant species compatible with regional conditions, using recycled and regional materials, taking into account the prevention of natural disasters such as erosion and flooding, and providing the least intervention to natural conditions,
  • To control the negative impacts on the environment that may arise from our activities, to increase and continuously improve environmental performance and to make emergency preparedness a part of our operations,
  • We are committed to raising the environmental responsibility awareness of our employees, to carry out the necessary information and training activities to understand our policy and to encourage participation.