Minimum and Maximum Speed Limit

The mandatory minimum speed on the highway is 40 km/h and the speed is 140 km/h for passenger cars, except for the limits permitted by geometric standards and the limits indicated on the relevant traffic signs.

Interference with Wire Fences or Walls

It is forbidden to enter and exit the motorway outside the toll collection stations. Since the wire fences or walls along the highway boundary line are installed to prevent such exits, it is forbidden to open, demolish, cut or otherwise destroy these barriers.

Vehicles Prohibited on the Motorway

Pedestrians, animals, non-motorized vehicles, rubber-tired tractors, construction equipment and bicycles are not allowed on the highway.

What to Do in Mandatory Situations

It is forbidden to stop, park, turn around and reverse on the highway. In case of necessity, you can stop in the rightmost safety lane by taking the necessary precautions so as not to jeopardize traffic safety. For emergencies you may experience on the highway, you can call 161 Highway Emergency Hotline and get free support 24/7.

Sanctions to be applied in cases of not using the highway in accordance with the Highway Rules

Necessary action will be taken in accordance with the provisions of the Law No. 6001 on the Organization and Duties of the General Directorate of Highways, and those who pollute the environment on the highway will be subject to administrative fines in accordance with the provisions of the Environmental Law No. 2872.

Entering and Exiting the Motorway

It is forbidden to enter and exit the motorway without using the motorway entrance and exit toll booths.