How can I pay the toll?

You can pay your highway fee, which is calculated according to the distance you travel, with your credit card, debit card or cash at the exit booth.

You can pay for your violated passes via credit card and debit card on our website www.aydindenizliotoyolu.com.tr or through our contracted Ziraat Bank and Yapı Kredi ATMs and Branches and Internet Banking applications.

What should I do next if I cannot pay for any reason when I pass through toll booths or Free Passage zones?

In such a case, a Violated (Non-Payment) Pass Notification is issued for your plate and delivered to the driver at the toll booths. You can pay your toll without paying penalty fee within 15 days through the payment channels specified in the notification.

If payment is not made through the payment channels specified on the Violated Pass Notification within 15 days following the date of exiting the highway, you will be required to pay a penalty fee due the toll for the distance entered and exited.

The penalty fee is 1 times the toll for the 45th day following the exit period. After the 45th day of exiting without payment, you must pay a penalty fee of 4 times of the toll plus the toll’s itself. Otherwise legal actions will be taken for to collect this amount. At the legal process, costs, taxes and interests will be charged to you.

Is there a speed limit when passing through toll booths?

The speed limit in toll booth areas is 20 km/h. If the vehicle in front of you stop, you should maintain your following distance and reduce your speed if necessary.

How can I find out the fee I will pay according to the distance I will travel?

You can find out the current highway fee for your journey at the Fee Calculation section from the Online Operations menu on the home page of our website (www.aydindenizliotoyolu.com.tr).

I am an HGS subscriber, can I pay the toll with HGS?

You can use HGS Ticket lanes at highway exit toll booths to pay with HGS.

At the toll booth, Plate Recognition System will be check your plate to query. If you have enough balance at your connected account, gates will be automatically opens.

If your connected account have not enough balance or HGS Ticket system fails wait in your lane and the toll booth staff will assist you depending on your choice whether you can pay cash or getting Violated (Non-Payment) Pass Notification to pay within next 15 days.

Where can I query information about my passes?

You can query your passes in the Online Operations section at www.aydindenizliotoyolu.com.tr.

You can also get information by calling our Call Center at 0850 75 75 236 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]


What is the maximum and minimum speed ​​limit?

According to the decision of Turkey General Directorate of Highways, the minimum speed limit is 40 km/h, the maximum speed limit is 140 km/h for the passenger vehicles (wheel base under 3.20 meter). In some areas speed limit can be determined differently due to the limits allowed by highway geometric standards and the limits specified in the relevant traffic signs.

Is there a phone number I can call if I need emergency assistance on the highway?

If you see any accident, traffic, fire or similar emergency situations while traveling on the highway, you can call the 161 Roadside Assistance line, which works 24/7, free of charge to request help.

Moreover; You can also call the 112 Emergency Helpline for free of charge. Please do not use the lines unnecessarily, remember that others in need can also call these lines.